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We’re More Than Just… Deep Dish Pizza

When you think of Gino’s East… You likely think of deep dish pizza. Which, you are not wrong.

But what you probably don’t know is:


Yes, our deep dish pizza is phenomenal (we may be biased) But… we know that sometimes it just isn’t in the cards.

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5 Things To Do While You Wait for Your Deep Dish Pizza




Yes… we know.

Chicago-style deep dish pizza takes a lot longer to cook than the typical pizza.

Yes… we know.

It can make you a little antsy to know a massive pile of golden crust, homemade sauce, and melted, gooey cheese is on its way to you.

(You pictured it, don’t lie…)

But… we can assure you the pizza is worth the wait

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Join Gino’s East at the Chicago Pizza Party


Can you think of anything better than pizza, beer, music, and games… all in one place?

Yeah, we can’t either.

Gino’s East is participating in the Chicago Pizza Party on February 11th to compete for the title of Best Pie in Chi!

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The Meaty Legend (And More) Have Arrived For Shipping

You asked, and we delivered. After years of getting requests for our signature Meaty Legend deep dish pizza on our online pizza shipping store, you can finally get a taste of the legend anywhere in the continental U.S.A! The Meaty Legend is absolutely loaded with all-natural Italian sausage, smoky bacon, zesty pepperoni, and Canadian bacon. It tips the scales at a whopping 65 ounces! That’s over a pound heavier than our standard cheese, and any pizza from any of our competitors. But wait, there’s more: we’ve also added a Sausage + Pepperoni combination pizza and one of our newer popular pies, the Chicago Fire. It comes loaded with our special extra spicy sausage, red onions, and roasted red peppers. This one packs a punch, and comes in at 67 ounces!

Meaty Legend Chicago Fire

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