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Kick off the weekend with a crisp Belgian beer at Gino’s East River North. On Friday, March 21, we’re partnering with Allagash Brewing for their first new release of a year-round beer since 2007. Based in Portland, Maine, Allagash Brewing is introducing their new Saison farmhouse ale to their markets in March and April, and we want you to be one of the first Chicagoans to tap into this hoppy and fruity beverage.

#SaisonDay will be hosted at six bars and restaurants in Chicago, as well as dozens of other places across the country. Everyone will tap their kegs at 5 pm and have a toast. Not only that, but our friends at Allagash Brewery are stopping by to interact with all of us at the event and bringing us some Allagash-themed goodies.

A brief history of Saison

What exactly is a Saison, you ask? This type of pale ale originated in the Southern part of Belgium, brewed to refresh farmers after a long harvest in the fall. Translating to “Season” in English, Saisons vary in terms of taste and color, but are typically a lower percent ABV in order to keep us refreshed (and the farmers relatively sober so they could get back to work). Some describe a Saison as having a fruity, spicy aroma with a golden color and lots of delicious hops. At Gino’s East River North, located at 500 N. LaSalle, we love us a Saison, especially as we get closer to springtime weather!

A rustic beer like an Allagash Saison deserves rustic food, and Gino’s East has plenty of options to pair with this beverage. Try our Black Kale Harvest Salad, Jumbo Chicken Wings or Smoked Trout Dip with Crudite. All of these dishes will pair nicely with a beer from Allagash. We’re looking forward to seeing you at 5 p.m. on Friday. Bring an appetite for beer and your Belgian pride!