Deep Thoughts

Deep Reminiscing On National Deep Dish Day

Do you remember the first time you discovered #DeepDish? Do you remember that cheese oozing off the crust? Do you remember that bite you took that made your taste buds sing?

Well our Cheesy Chicks sure remember. As we are continuing our celebrations, for National Deep Dish Day, we asked them these 3 questions:

1. What's your favorite deep dish memory?

2. What’s your favorite deep dish pizza?

3. How are you celebrating National Deep Dish Pizza Day?

Cheesy Chick Sara:

Omggg my mom still has a baby picture of me after trying deep dish for my VERY FIRST TIME! I was probably about one year old. As you can see, all smiles.

My favorite type of deep dish? Just plain old cheese!

I’m celebrating #NDDPD at Gino’s eating pizza! (#Duh)


Cheesy Chick Rachael:

Deep dish has always been a staple in my family, so my favorite memory is when I found out I was going to be working for my favorite deep dish restaurant (Gino’s East!!) that gave me a lot of wonderful memories with my family.

My favorite deep dish is pineapple and pepperoni-- hands down!


Cheesy Chick Darien:

My favorite memory is coming back from my Bahamas vacation. After stuffing my face with seafood all week long, all I could think about was deep dish. It feels like Chicago-- it feels like home.

My favorite deep dish pizza is definitely sausage supreme.


Cheesy Chick Brianna:

My favorite Deep Dish memory is realizing that I actually really loved it. I used to not go anywhere near it, because I thought it was gross. Then I eventually tried it in high school and have been obsessed ever since!

My favorite deep dish is sausage, mushroom and spinach.

I’ll be celebrating #NDDPD by eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.