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Featured 22 Oz. Bombers

New Beer at South Loop

If you’re in the Printer’s Row neighborhood, stop in to Gino’s East South Loop to quench your thirst. We’ve got some new 22 oz. bombers in the store that are sure to help you kick back and cool off from the hot summer weather. From Scotch ales to America Red ales, there’s a flavor for every palate.

Take a look at our featured bombers and stop by to try one for yourself. Don’t forget we have a selection of gourmet deep dish pizzas and other small bites to keep you satisfied.

Blackheart English IPA from 3 Floyds

This 3 Floyds Bomber boasts an 8.5% ABV, 78 IBU and has the qualities of an English IPA. According to the brewers,

A throwback, historical ale brewed when English IPAs were hopped up to last the long voyage from England to Colonial troops in India, using English malts, English hops, and English yeast, and aged slightly on toasted oak for a 19th-century taste.

Pairs well with: Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie Board. The mix of salty meats and cheeses with sweet seasonal fruit compote pairs nicely with an English IPA.

Undead Party Crasher American Imperial Stout from Clown Shoes Beer

This big, chocolaty stout is brewed with locally smoked signature malts and holy water. It’s a strong ale, with an 11% ABV. Don’t feel bad about imbibing with this bomber, though. We did say it’s made with holy water.

Pairs well with: American Imperial Stouts are typically sweet, bitter and full-bodied. We want to compliment these flavors with full-bodied as well. Choose our Wild Venison gourmet deep dish pizza topped with Venison sausage, apples, cremini, white cheddar and a fried egg. Your stomach will thank you.

Salty Scot Sea Salted Caramel Scotch Ale from Parallel 49 Brewing Company

salty scot
This 17.5% ABV and 17 IBU is another one of our stronger bombers. According to the brewers,

Building upon a Scottish “Wee Heavy”, this unique beer was developed to provide a strong caramel malt flavour with enough salt to give it a bit of a bite. Stronger in alcohol, this beer starts off sweet but remains fairly light to drink.

Pairs well with: Our Triple Chocolate Cake. Save this delicious ale for a full-bodied dessert like our triple chocolate cake. Given the heavy toffee, caramel-like nature of the beer, anything with chocolate will serve your taste buds well.