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Gino’s East Buys Trump’s 5 Rabbit Beer

Gino’s East is proud to be adding a new 5 Rabbit beer into the mix of their own brews. 5 Rabbit recently pulled all beer from the Trump Tower ReBar Lounge, and Gino’s East has purchased some of the remaining kegs in an effort to support Chicago’s Latino community. We’re proud of our entire Gino’s East Team, including all members who represent the Latino Community. Our team is excited to bring this beer in-house to support our staff and our Chicago customers.

Kegs tapped at Gino’s East River North

Brewery owner Andres Araya states that he will happily take his brew elsewhere. He says he is optimistic and wants to have some fun with the transition. Gino’s East River North will be serving up some refreshing 5 Rabbit beers and proceeds will go to The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago. Stop in at 500 N. LaSalle St. and try it out to show your support. Kegs will be tapped later on this week.

Because this particular brew was made specifically for Trump Tower, Araya will change the name of this beer to “***** Tu Pelo”. We’ll leave the translation up to you.

Beyond having a close relationship with 5 Rabbit Cerveceria at our Chicago locations, we are also extremely excited to be opening our first Gino’s East location in Mexico City this year. This expansion is something that we are very proud to present to the public.

We hope that our Chicago residents will join us later this week to drink up the remaining kegs and enjoy some of our deep dish pizza.