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Gino’s Pale Ale Is Here

Our Newest Pale Ale

To welcome the spring season, Gino’s brewmaster Kevin McMahon has come up with the perfect accompaniment to dining alfresco (and inside, too!). He’s has been working on this one since the first day of spring; he could not wait for the perfect taste of spring.
We are pleased to introduce as a limited seasonal item our GPA (Gino’s Pale Ale). This craft beer takes after the Belgians, it has the perfect balance of fruit aromas, a touch of biscuity sweetness paired with Centennial and French Aramis hops round out the spicy characteristics of the blended saison yeast culture. As always, this beer was designed to accompany a great night and give you taste buds a memorable flavor. Since we’ve stopped production of this beer, it’s only available for a limited time.


GPA Flavors

This Belgian Pale Ale is on the rich side in color and is not strongly bitter, highly recommended for someone new to craft beers. Recommended food accompaniments include the Jumbo Chicken Wings, BBQ Brisket Sliders and any of our meaty pizzas. Come into 500 N. LaSalle and try Gino’s East River North’s latest micro brew.