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Take a look at what we asked him and what he’s cooking up for us in the future.

Gino’s Brewing Co. is located at our Gino’s East River North location at 500 N. LaSalle. Stop by for a pizza and one of our refreshing in-house brews.

Tell us about the new brewery in the Gino’s East River North location – Gino’s Brewing Co.?


Gino’s Brewing Co. resides in the Gino’s East River North location where we are exclusively brewing and pouring our hand crafted ales and lagers. We are currently operating a 10 barrel DME combinations brewhouse. We have 4 primary fermentation vessels, and 5 serving vessels which, in conjunction with some kegging operations, allow us to fluctuate an offering 5-6 different beer styles.

Describe Chicago’s beer scene.

Chicago is seeing an exciting time in its craft beer culture. In reality, Chicago is in it’s infancy when it comes to the boom of new breweries, including our own, that are popping up all over town. It’s really only been within the last 5-10 years or so that the market has really exploded; and that’s relatively short when compared to, say for instance, the west coast where some have been at it for up to 30+ years.

What makes your beer different than some of the other local Chicago beer on the scene?

I have a very traditional approach to brewing. I wish to attempt to replicate staple beer styles to the best of my ability. I feel that many brewers tend to push the envelope with how many odd ball ingredients they can cram into a beer that is 15% ABV. While there is very much a place for that in the American craft market, and I am always interested in an opportunity to taste such creations, it is not how I should be servicing my drinkers. We are but a humble brew pub. I wish for my clientele to sit down and enjoy a few sessionalbe pints, with our legendary Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, instead of having a sip of the latest trend and moving on.

Describe the 4 beers you have brewing right now (and there’s a seasonal rotation)?

Our 4 staple flagships are:
LaSalle St Lager: German Helles
Witte Chicks Dig Me: Belgian Witte
Broken English: English IPA
Great Bam-Gino: Black Rye IPA

Our seasonal offerings currently are:
GPA (Gino’s Pale Ale): Belgian Pale Ale
The Killareny Connection:Foreign Export Stout

Now that things are flowing, what are the plans for your Beer Dinners and Beer Club?

We are currently offering memberships to our Gino’s Brewing Co Beer Club. It is a wonderful program that is a steal of a deal.

With the $20 cost you receive:
-Membership for the calender year
-1 Growler with a fill of your favorite Gino’s Brewing Co beer under 8% ABV
-16oz pours for the cost of 10oz pour ( average savings about $2)
-Exclusive email invites to Gino’s Brewing Co events to keep you in the know

Our Beer Dinner are currently offered every other month, our next date being May 19th during Chicago Craft Beer Week. We do a 4-5 course dinner of non-menu items to pair with a 10oz pour of a the apporopirate Gino’s Brewing Co beer.

What are your plans for Chicago Craft Beer Week?

Currently our plans include offering a few of our selected brands at our two other locations in the city. Our Superior St location, and our South Loop location. We will also be doing the beer dinner as mentioned prior.
Other events are currently TBA




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