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Just because you love a good deep-dish pizza every now and then doesn’t mean you can’t be fit and enjoy exercise. In fact, there’s really nothing better than rewarding your hard work with a bed of thick crust, gooey layer of cheese, traditional meat patty, and some deliciously flavored sauce on a Chicago style pizza. So, when you are looking for things to do in Chicago this fall, we say: work hard, and play hard. We’ve got you covered with these tips on how you can take advantage of Chicago’s beautiful fall weather, while it lasts, before the winter comes in full force. And what better way to exercise than with a large crowd of motivated and festive Chicagoans? These popular races will allow you to do just that.


Run From The Infected

Are you a zombie fan? Well, even if you’re not, you can still have fun as long as you outrun them at The Infected Zombie Run in Palos Park, IL, just north of Chicago. This 5k run starts at 9AM October 3rd, and tickets go for $60. The objective is to run from zombies who are placed strategically throughout the trail and are waiting to try to take your “health flags”. Escape with your flags, and you win. As if zombies weren’t enough of a threat, there will also be additional obstacles placed throughout the course. Make sure you bring an ID, because if you make it to the “safe zone” there is unlimited beer and live music to celebrate your victory. Get in the Halloween spirit with this fun event! Sign up at Run From The Infected.

Rosehill Cemetary Crypt 5k

Get spooky this October with the Rosehill Cemetery Crypt 5k. Tickets start at $30, and registration closes October 7th. The 4th annual 3.1-mile run happens on October 10th and begins at 7pm, just as the sun goes down. This 350-acre Victorian Era cemetery is the largest cemetery in Chicago, and home to 10 Chicago mayors and scores of civil war veterans. There is a lot of history to run past including monuments, mausoleums, and countless tombstones, all during the evening on a candle-lit trail. Get ready to run through the second largest cemetery in Illinois, and prepare to get spooked! Get your tickets at Rosehill Cemetary Crypt 5k.

World’s Largest Corn Maze Run

The record-breaking World’s Largest Corn Maze Run is a 5k run inside of, you guessed it, the world’s largest corn maze. An aerial view shows a grand Chicago Blackhawks theme cut into the corn for an interesting bonus that you might not notice from the ground. This race takes place in Spring Grove, IL on October 18th and begins at 7AM. Pre-registration tickets go for $31 and race day registration will go for $36. This race is suitable for all ages and will be a great time for the whole family! Both runners and walkers are welcome to enjoy the festivities, and every ticket comes with a free event shirt! Come out and have a corny good time. (facepalm) Pick up your tickets at Corn Maze Run and move soon, because this race is limited to 2,000 people.

Turkey Day 5k

Prepare to join 10,000 other runners and their family on Turkey Day this year for the Lifetime Turkey Day 5k. Get your morning exercise in so you can have that guilt free feast with your loved ones right after you finish. Once you are sick of your Turkey Day leftovers, we will be ready to serve your favorite deep dish to keep you satisfied. Tickets are $45 dollars and that comes with a festive shirt as a trophy. The race is finished at a tailgate section that includes Turkey Bowling, football throw, cornhole, a costume contest and more! This event is family-friendly and a great way to spend the holiday with relatives who may be visiting for the holidays. Get your tickets at Turkey Day 5k.

Jingle Bell Run

Are you ready to brave the cold for a good cause? The Jingle Bell Run is Chicago’s festive holiday-themed run that is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. This benefit race raises money to help fight arthritis. Come dressed in your holiday costume and bring the holiday cheer to this winter race by the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. The race starts at 9AM December 12th. Get your tickets at Jingle Bell Run.

We support anybody who puts the effort in to accomplish one of these events, no matter how fast or slow they may go. We’re here at the ITU World Triathalon Finals September 15-18 serving athletes and supporters our famous deep dish pizza. Come check us out, and maybe these athletes will give you the inspiration you need to give a one of these events a go! These Chicago events make exercising fun, or at least as fun as it can be. They come packed with costumes, zombies, and bonus gifts. We hand picked these just for you because, well, we like you. After you get done burning those calories at the race, come down to Gino’s and indulge yourself in some well-deserved pizza, and maybe a beer. We’ll be waiting for you, and we will take you in- sweaty or not. Cheers.




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