Deep Thoughts

The Deep Dish on Gino's Cheesy Chicks


Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day, and what better way than to give you the deep dish on Gino’s Cheesy Chicks?

Pizza is life. We’re basically a cheesy sisterhood.”

We asked our cheesy chicks the following three questions:

1. How long have you been working at Gino’s East and why do you love working there?

2. Can you share with us some of your cheesiest moments?

3. What does it take to be a cheesy chick?

Here’s what they had to say:

Darien, a new Gino’s Chick, has been with us since July and is deep into the Gino’s culture saying, “I love working at Gino’s because pizza is life and I love my team, we’re like cheesy sisters.” At networking events, our Gino’s sisters have each other’s backs: “We roll in together.” It feels great when someone comments, “Oh you’re the Gino’s girls.”


Cheesy Chick Brianna is a prime example of the culture at Gino’s, recalling that after a little over a year of working with us, “There’s a huge team presence, everyone wants to see each other succeed.” Brianna’s success story started when she was an an admin assistant and in a year has been promoted to Gino’s Catering Manager.

Ashley, an established Gino’s Chick, has been with Gino’s East for 10 years, and still finds that “Every day is a new experience.” Ashley laughs “we still get excited every cheese pull.” The best part of working for Gino’s East? “I work with a wonderful group of ladies who brighten up my day.”


Ashley reminisces about how good it tastes to share the cheese, saying, “It’s nice to bringing a smile to people’s faces without even trying.” A favorite memory of her’s is when a customer who started her trip to Gino’s East expecting pizza left with more than deep dish, recalling the customer saying “I was having a really bad week and you girls brightened it up. I really needed this.”

One of her cheesiest memories? “Rachael and Darien breaking it down with Pete Za.”


Rachael, a cheesy chick for 2 years this summer, fits right into the sisterhood saying, “Everybody likes pizza, and Chicago is my favorite city, and it’s all part of the Chicago experience.” She takes pride in bringing “that cheesy energy with us everywhere we go.” Both a mentee and a mentor, Rachael takes pride in being a part of a brand that is both “original and genuine,” and part of a sisterhood in which “we all constantly push each other, and watch each other grow.”


We’re coming up on Cheesy Chick Sara’s 3rd week. The new Chick on the block, Sara says, “I feel so welcome. Everyone is so warm. We have a super-woman, powerful team!” Sara is stoked for her future with Gino’s East saying, “I have really great role models.”


To be a Cheesy Chick is no small feat, Ashley states “When we go places, we have multiple people ask about the Instagram. Who’s that girl with the Cheesy Chicks?”

What does it take to be on the team? Rachael says “Be passionate about pizza. Work ethic is really important and have a really great sense of community. Be a team player, and be ready to help each other as a whole.” Darien believes in the power of being prepared, saying “Have a positive attitude. In a pizza emergency, remain calm in those last minute situations. Remain calm and keep the energy up.” At the end of the day, it’s all about how we support each other that counts.