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Gino's East Reforma, Mexico

Welcome to our second location in Mexico City! We offer our traditional menu favorites in Chicago but also cater to the local tastes in Mexico City. We source our fresh ingredients locally, including our 100 percent mozzarella cheese and add ingredients from the Mexican cuisine such as roasted poblano peppers, chorizo and the classic Mexico City favorite, Pastor meat.

Visit our Mexico website at for additional information on this location and more specials!

Mon-Thur   12pm-11pm

Fri-Sat       12pm-12am
Sun           12pm-10pm

Av. Paseo de la Reforma 107 B, Col Tabacalera, Cuauhtemoc. CDMX
+52 55 5083 3292

 La Tosca!

After searching for the new identity of the brand in the face of new trends, Gino's East decided that its authenticity and origin is its greatest value. This is why in 2018 we launched a new philosophy called DeepAF, which seeks to fill the company with excesses.

Excesses that have never been so good since they are focused on being MORE responsible with the environment, with the community, with the economy. MORE committed to provide a service of excellence, MORE PERSONAL, and above all offer them the MOST delicious and loaded Deep Dish Pizza.

La Tosca is our representative in this philosophy, a deep dish MORE loaded with ingredients, MORE loaded with cheese and MORE loaded with flavor.

For $50 extra you can make any of our pizzas a Tosca. 

We invite you to try it and see if you can survive it!



La Tosca! 

For $50 extra, you can make any of our pizza a Tosca


Mon - Fri  4:00pm-7:00pm

1 botella tequila 3Garcias + Pizza Deep Dish $700

2LT Beer-Garita + Deep Dish Nachos $350

Lunch Special:

Salad, Entree and Dessert $90

Everyday Noon - 4:00pm

Entree options include pastas, individual deep dish, and sandwiches. 

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